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Organic Cotton — A Natural Ingredient in Your Clothing

Texas cotton is the natural choice for many manufacturers across the world.

Texas is the nation’s largest producer of organic cotton, and while its production numbers are well behind the amount of traditional cotton produced each year, the organically grown variety is finding a growing marketplace among companies committed to the environment.

“Nike, for example, sells a lot of T-shirts,” said Jimmy Wedel, an organic-cotton grower and president of the board of the Texas Organic Cotton Cooperative. “The fact is, they sell more clothing than they do tennis shoes. They made a statement several years ago that a certain percentage of the apparel they make will be made from organic materials. As their clothing business has grown, so has their need for organic cotton.”

Other manufacturers, like Anvil and Patagonia, have a similar commitment, Wedel said. It’s part of their branding strategy.

“The benefit to the manufacturer is that they have a product they can sell that differentiates itself from other products in the market,” he said.

Manufacturers and retailers like using organic cotton because it appeals to an environmentally aware consumer-base.

Natural clothing — another way Agriculture is Your Culture.