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Food Bank Capacity Building Grant

Deadline:  Closed, all funds have been awarded. 

Executive Summary

TDA has awarded grants for the Food Bank Capacity Building Grant to make strategic and targeted investments in food bank infrastructure, partner capacity, technology, and equipment to build capacity to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


In Section 7 of Senate Bill 8 of the Third Called Special Session, the 87th Texas Legislature appropriated $95,000,000 to Grantor from money received by the State of Texas from the Coronavirus State Fiscal Recovery Fund (42 U.S.C. Section 802) established under the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (Pub. L. No. 117-2) and deposited to the credit of the Coronavirus Relief Fund No. 325 for the purpose of providing supplemental funding to food banks in response to the coronavirus pandemic during the two-year period beginning on the effective date (November 8, 2021).

Grant # Grantee  Total Awarded 
GFB202201 West Texas Food Bank  $        2,165,191.00
GFB202202 Tarrant Area Food Bank  $        7,999,110.00
GFB202203 East Texas Food Bank  $        6,085,806.00
GFB202204 South Texas Food Bank  $        2,960,866.50
GFB202205 North Texas Food Bank  $       12,067,659.00
GFB202206 Central Texas Food Bank  $        8,038,132.00
GFB202207 Montgomery County Food Bank  $        2,104,356.00
GFB202208 Food Bank of West Central Texas  $        2,134,565.00
GFB202209 San Antonio Food Bank  $        7,458,865.00
GFB202210 Wichita Falls Area Food Bank  $        1,700,000.00
GFB202211 Houston Food Bank  $       14,554,280.00
GFB202212 High Plains Food Bank  $        2,281,609.00
GFB202213 Southeast Texas Food Bank  $        2,757,950.00
GFB202214 Brazos Valley Food Bank  $        2,073,618.00
GFB202215 El Pasoans Fighting Hunger Food Bank  $        3,373,901.50
GFB202216 South Plains Food Bank  $        2,391,657.50
GFB202217 Food Bank of the Golden Crescent  $        2,054,445.00
GFB202218 Food Bank of the Rio Grande Valley  $        6,642,609.00
GFB202219 Costal Bend Food Bank  $        2,842,613.00
GFB202220 Galveston County Food Bank  $        1,778,350.50
GFB202221 Concho Valley Regional Food Bank of Texas  $        1,434,416.00
Julia Rico
Grant Specialist

Mindy Fryer