Establishing the 3E's Nutrition Grant Program

Deadline: CLOSED Application RECEIVED by close of business (5:00 p.m. CT) on Thursday, May 2, 2019 are being evaluated. 

The Establishing the 3E’s program that incentivizes the creation of new nutrition education programs in any childcare institution or community organization. This program is geared toward 3-5 year old children and is a competitive grant. This program allows not only children, but their parents, to learn that proper nutrition education at an early age is pertinent to developing healthy eating and exercising habits. 

  1. Be an organization that:
    1. participates in early childhood education, including:
      1. the CACFP as administered by TDA;
      2. a Head Start Program, as defined in 42 USC 9801 et seq., and 45 CFR Parts 1301-1311; or
      3. another early childhood education program; and
    2. certifies that it will use awarded funds to provide nutrition education to children between the ages of three and five years old; or
  2. Be a community or faith-based initiative that:
    1. provides recreational, social, volunteer, leadership, mentoring, or developmental programs; and
    2. certifies that it will use awarded funds to provide nutrition education to children younger than 19 years of age.

      If an organization has previously received and accepted an E3E award, it is ineligible to receive another E3E grant for four years from the awarded date of the project.

Use of Funds

Grant funds may be used to establish, implement or extend:

(1) comprehensive wellness efforts to achieve either Bronze, Silver or Gold status in the *Healthier CACFP Award Program, including activities to improve:

           (a) menus;
           (b) physical activity;
           (c) nutrition education; and
           (d) and/or the child care environment.

*Only organizations with a current contract with TDA Food and Nutrition Division to administer the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) are eligible to apply for the Healthier CACFP Award Program.  Please refer to Attachment A for award criteria.

(2) Activities that create, supplement or expand Farm Fresh Friday which includes farm-to-school activities, such as but not limited to:

(a) Implementing a garden-based curriculum.
(b) School garden development or improvement including, but not limited to

·       building garden beds,

·       planting an orchard,

·       creating a pollinator garden,

·       adding shaded areas to new or existing gardens to encourage outdoor learning,

·       improving walking areas and/or height of garden beds for students with disabilities,

·       creating walking trails to encourage physical activity near garden spaces,

·       Paying for staff time for garden maintenance.

(c) Taste testing activities using seasonality focused products, utilizing a framework such as, but not limited to, TDA’s Harvest of the Month program.

(d) Developing a garden to plate program to increase the number of garden products served in school meals and snacks.
(e) Networking events that strengthen local purchasing relationships with Texas farmers and ranchers.
(f) Other experiential learning opportunities that teach students about Texas agriculture such as, but not limited to:

·       field trips to farmers and/or farmers markets; or,

(c) Other wellness programs.

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