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TDA Staff Bios

Executive Offices
    Jason Fearneyhough, Deputy Commissioner
    Terry Keel, Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture for Enforcement, Consumer Protection and Border Security
    Walt Roberts, Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture for Legislative Affairs and External Relations
    Dan Hunter, Assistant Commissioner of Agriculture for Water and Rural Affairs
    Diana Warner, Chief Financial Officer

Office of Communications
Bryan Black, Director of Communications

Office of Internal Audit
    Nicole Campbell, Director of Internal Audit

Food and Nutrition 
    Angela Olige, Assistant Commissioner for Food and Nutrition

Trade and Business Development
    Mary York, Administrator for Marketing and International Trade
    Rick Rhodes, Administrator for Rural Affairs

Agriculture and Consumer Protection
     David Kostroun, Chief Administrator
     Stephen Pahl, Administrator for Consumer Protection
     Randy Rivera, Administrator for Agriculture Protection and Certification
     Jennifer Bailey, Director Gulf Coast Region
     Becky Dempsey, Director North Texas Region
     Ken Weidenfeller, Director South Central Texas Region
     Jose L. Sanchez, Director Valley Region
     Bob Tarrant, Director West Texas Region

Business Operations
     Agency Administration
          Bertha Serna, Director of Agency Administration
          Cynthia Mendoza, Administrator for Human Resources
          Michael Clark, Chief of Operational Support         
     Financial Services 
          April Bacon, Administrator for Financial Compliance
          Rebecca Sanchez, Administrator Over Budget and Accounting
          Christopher Sims, Administrator for Licensing and Emergency Management
     Legal Services
          Tim Kleinschmidt, General Counsel
          Martina Barrera, Deputy General Counsel
          Stephen Dillon, Deputy General Counsel
          Susan Maldonado, Deputy General Counsel

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