TDA Divisions
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TDA Organization

TDA has regulatory and marketing responsibilities and administers more than 50 separate laws. Current duties include promoting Texas agricultural products locally, nationally and internationally; assisting in the development of the agribusiness industry in Texas; regulating the sale, use and disposal of pesticides and herbicides; controlling destructive plant pests and diseases; and ensuring the accuracy of all weighing or measuring devices (like grocery scales) used in commercial transactions.

TDA is a diversified state agency that provides a value-added service through our regulatory and marketing services. 

   Office of Policy and Legislative Affairs
   Office of Communications
   Office of Internal Audit   
Business Operations
   Legal Services
   Administrative Services
   Financial Services
Trade and Business Development
   Marketing and International Trade
   Office of Rural Affairs
Food and Nutrition
Agriculture and Consumer Protection
   Consumer Protection
   Agriculture Protection and Certification
   Regional Operations