TDA Staff
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Karen Reichek
Administrator, Trade and Business Development

Maddison Jaureguito
Director, Communications

Marshall Webb
Assistant Director, Communications

Trent Engledow
Director, State Office of Rural Health

Addie Stone
Government Relations Specialist

Jim Reaves
Coordinator for Emergency Management
David Castillo
Deputy General Counsel, Enforcement
Catherine Wright Steele
Administrator, Legislative & Centralized Services

Anwar Sophy
Administrator, Business Management

Laura Benavidez
Administrator, Applications, Compliance, and Training
Philip Wright Administrator, Regulatory Affairs

Dale Scott
Administrator, Regulatory Field Operations

Freddy Vest
Statewide Director, Road Stations

Operations and Administration

Rob MacFarland
Chief Financial Officer

Patricia Molina
Budget Director

Lisa Maldonado
Procurement & Contract Director


Chris Bunton
Chief Information Officer

Bertha Serna
Administrator, Agency Administration

Emilia Nunes
Administrator, Human Resources

Bonnie Cudlip
Special Assistant to the Commissioner