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   Find a Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Manager
The following reports list all Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Managers that are licensed by the Department as of the date on the report. TDA makes every effort to ensure that this list accurate and current. 

You may call TDA's Licensing Department at (877) 542-2474 for the most up-to-date Certified Prescribed Burn Manager information.

Commercial Certified and Insured Burn Managers

Private Certified and Insured Burn Managers

Certified Lead Burn Instructors

   Burn Manager Requirements
The Texas Administrative Code requires that prior to conducting burn activities, a certified and insured burn manager must provide a landowner or the landowner's agent:

    - proof of liability insurance applicable to the prescribed burn, and 
    - proof of current certification as a certified and insured prescribed burn manager.

 The Burn Manager must also have these documents on site at all times during a prescribed burn.