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Quarantine inspections are conducted to monitor quarantined pests that could be introduced into Texas from out-of-state agricultural shipments or transported from quarantined to pest-free areas of Texas. Nursery plants, fruits, vegetables, hay, sod or any other article that can harbor a quarantined pest are inspected to ensure that they are free of quarantine pests and meet import requirements of Texas. Road station inspections are conducted to ensure that the articles entering into pest-free areas from quarantined areas are free of pests. Plants imported from foreign countries for propagation are monitored through Federal Post-entry quarantine inspections. Federal permits are issued for soil, plant pests, noxious weeds or biological control organisms brought into the state for experimental use. 


State or federal phytosanitary certificates or compliance documents are inspected for products imported into the pest free areas of Texas. 

Quarantined articles without proper certification are denied entry into the state or destroyed at the owner's expense. The nursery products or floral items that are infested with a plant pest are subjected to a seizure order, requiring the plants to be withdrawn from sale for treatment or destruction.