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The mission of the Texas Department of Agriculture Organic Certification Program is to ensure the integrity of organic agriculture products produced and manufactured in Texas by providing certification services to Texas producers and agribusinesses.

As an accredited Certifying Agent by the United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program, the TDA Organic Certification Program has the authority to certify organic producers as well as processors, distributors and retailers of organic agricultural products.  To be certified, an operation must comply with organic production and handling regulations established by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). 

The program's purposes are simultaneously to develop Texas' agricultural economy and to provide consumers with the most abundant and diverse food and fiber supply possible.  The program helps Texas farmers diversify their operations and capture a larger share of a growing premium market, and it helps ensure the authenticity of the organic marketing claim.

Please click on the links under Resources to learn more about organic agriculture. This publication provides useful information such as how to obtain organic certification through the TDA Organic Certification Program, answers to frequently asked questions about organic agriculture production and handling, and a fee calculator for new applicants.

UPCOMING EVENTS: (Please note that events may be presented by third party organizations)

New Applicants: Please read this guidance on form submission.

Please note for LIVESTOCK CERTIFICATION ONLY: TDA is currently not accepting any new applications for organic LIVESTOCK certification.  To locate other accredited organic certifiers you can use the USDA Organic Certifier Locator tool on the USDA website.

Note: The time necessary to complete the submission of a NEW application for Organic certification; i.e. initial receipt of fee payment and documentation until the issuance of a completed organic certificate is approximately 90 days.

Audit Trail Training Module
NOP Training Material
Time to update your organic certification? Please read these documents: Information on your 2023 organic handler certification annual update Information on your 2022 organic producer certification annual update