Proposed TAC Rule Changes
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   Proposed Rules
The Prescribed Burning Board has proposed revisions to the Texas Administrative Code, Chapters 225-229, related to the administration of the prescribed burn program and certification of prescribed and insured burn managers.  Those rules can be found on the Texas Register website.

Written comments may be submitted to David Kostroun at:
Texas Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 12847
Austin, Texas 78711

Comments must be received no later than October 13, 2013.

A list of current and proposed changes to the rules can be viewed below:

Current Rule

Proposed Rule

225.1 Definitions

225.1 Definitions

225.2 Information Requested by the Board

225.2 Categories of Certification


225.3 Minimum Standards for Prescribed Burning

226.1 Minimum Requirements

226.2 Personnel Requirements

225.4 Duty to Report

226.3 Notification Requirements

225.5 Public Information Act

226.4 Insurance Requirements


226.1 Application for Certification

226.5 Development of Written Prescribed Burn Plan

226.2 Term of Certification

226.6 Requirements for Certified Prescribed Burn Managers Conducting Burns During a County Burn Ban

226.3 Experience


227.1 Training

226.4 Training

227.2 Experience

226.5 Fees

227.3 Exceptions/Grandfathering of Prescribed Burn Managers

226.6 Renewal of Certification

227.4 Application; Fees

226.7 Reciprocity of Certification

227.5 Proof of Insurance


227.1 Minimum Insurance Requirements

227.6 Categories of Certification

227.2 Limitations on Certain Categories of Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Managers

227.7 Term of Certification

227.3 Continuing Fire Training Required

227.8 Reciprocity of Certification

227.4 Maintenance of Prescribed Burn Records


227.10 Recertification Requirements

228.1 Written Prescribed Burn Plan

227.11 Approved Continuing Education Activities

228.2 Notification Requirements Prior to Prescribed Burns

227.12 Board Approval, Assignment of Credits

228.3 Personnel Required to Conduct a Prescribed Burn

227.13 Eligibility Requirements for Continuing Education Units

228.4 Conducting Burns During a Burn Ban


227.14 Suspension; Denial of Approval

229.1 Eligible Continuing Fire Training Activities

227.15 Responsibilities of CEU Sponsors

229.2 Wildland Firefighting

227.16 Responsibilities of Certified Prescribed Burn Managers

229.3 Approval of Continuing Fire Training Activity

227.20 Records

229.4 Requirements for Training Activity Sponsors


228.1 Nature/Content of Training

229.5 Requirements for Lead Instructors

228.2 Training Requirements


228.3 Training Fees


228.4 Board Approval of Training



229.1 Minimum Requirements for Lead Instructors