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   Search for Hay
HayListingID Name Phone Number (Primary) Variety Size Price Location Fire Ant Quarantined? Date Created

Hay Type

The variety of hay being sold
The price of the hay (e.g. 40.00)
Is the hay organic?
Is the hay fertilized?
Is the hay irrigated?
The quality of the hay
The year the hay was cut (e.g. 2016)
The crude protein level of the hay
The relative feed value of the hay
Use this field to include any other information regarding your hay listing
The size of the hay

Hay Location

The Country your hay is located in
The State your hay is located in
The Texas County your hay is located in
The City/Province your hay is located in

Hay Delivery

Indicates whether or not the seller is able to help load their hay
Indicates whether or not delivery is available for this hay listing

Hay Donation

Indicates whether or not the seller is offering this hay listing for donation to Texans in need during times of natural disaster

Seller Information

The name of the seller
The seller's business name
The seller's website
The seller's location
The seller's email address
The seller's primary and secondary phone numbers for contact