Sample Burning Plan Documents
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Prescribed Burn Plans
A written prescribed burn plan must be completed before every prescribed burn and provide reasonable assurance that the prescribed burn will be confined to the predetermined area and conducted in a manner that will accomplish the land management objectives.

A written burn plan should at minimum include the following: 
  • Purpose of the burn 
  • Prescribed burn manager information 
  • Burn site information (location, directions, etc.) 
  • Personnel requirements for conducting the burn 
  • A description of areas to be burned (fuel types, typography and previous treatments, number of acres to be burned, etc.) 
  • Pre-burn factors (fireguards, pumpers, crew size, tools and equipment, weather monitors, smoke sensitive areas, special precautions, etc.) 
  • Safety and contingency plans addressing smoke intrusions 
  • A detailed notification list that includes notification requirements for: the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality, local law enforcement, local fire marshal, local emergency coordinator, Department of Public Safety fire coordinator, neighbors, local volunteer fire department, and/or other appropriate entities 
  • Criteria for making burn/no burn decisions
  • Demonstration of fire suppression ability, proving the ability to have proper fire suppression equipment and manpower to manage the burn
The following prescribed burn plan templates are for your reference:
Burn/Do Not Burn Checklists
All certified and insured prescribed burn managers are required to complete a series of questions prior to conducting a burn.  When burning during a burn ban, the Burn/Do Not Burn Checklist must be completed in writing.