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TDA Job Postings

Job Number Job Title Salary Location Closing Date
19-422-3R Administrative Assistant A15, $2,850-$3,350.00/MO. Austin TX 7/18/2019
19-114-1 Administrative Review Specialist - Trainee* (Continuous Posting) B17, $4,356.25/MO. Statewide TX
19-720-2R Contract Specialist B19, $3,750-$3,950.00/MO. B21, $4,080-$4,500.00/MO. Austin TX 7/30/2019
19-1037-3R Food & Nutrition Business Management Training Specialist B21, $4,650-$5,150.00/MO. Austin TX 7/17/2019
19-88-1 Food & Nutrition Financial Analyst (Internal Posting – Open to Current TDA Employees Only – 5 Day Posting) B22, $5,000-$5,400.00/MO. Austin TX 7/18/2019
19-90-1R Grants Accountant B19, $4,500-$4,800.00/MO. Austin TX 7/25/2019
19-357-2R Grants Specialist B18, $3,475-$3,725.00/MO. Austin TX 7/17/2019
19-93-3R Outreach Specialist B20, $4,100-$4,600.00/MO Austin TX 7/17/2019
19-641-1R Plant Quality Program Specialist B 17, $3,082.00/MO. Austin TX 7/17/2019
19-606-1R Policy Analyst B21, $4,600-$5,100.00/MO. Austin TX 7/17/2019
19-533-4R Program Eligibility Specialist A13, $3,000-$3,500.00/MO. Austin TX 7/17/2019
19-95-1R Program Improvement Planning Analyst B21, $4,600-$5,100.00/MO. Austin TX 7/17/2019
19-446-1 Program Specialist (Internal Posting – Open to Current TDA Employees Only) B17, $3,082.00/MO. Austin TX 7/19/2019
19-1110-3R Rural Health Specialist B19, $3,900-$4,200.00/MO. Austin TX 7/30/2019
19-40-3R Systems Analyst B22, $4,700-$5,500.00/MO Austin TX 7/25/2019