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TDA Job Postings

Job Number Job Title Salary Location Closing Date
18-1015-1 Event Specialist (Internal, 5 Day Posting) B20, $4,200-$4,600.00/MO. Austin TX 1/26/2018
18-26-1 Financial Analyst I/II/III B20/B22/B24, $4,166-$5,250.00/MO. Austin TX 1/23/2018
18-1026-5R Food & Nutrition Audit Specialist B19, $4,500-$4,900.00/MO. B21, $4,950-$5,250.00/MO. Statewide TX 1/26/2018
18-1021-4R Food & Nutrition Marketing & Outreach Specialist B20, $4,100-$4,600.00/MO. Austin TX 1/29/2018
18-598-1R Food & Nutrition Professional Development Specialist B20, $4,356.25 - $4,650.00/MO. Austin TX 1/23/2018
18-1013-1 Food and Nutrition Systems Management Specialist (Internal, 5 Day Posting) B25, $5,700-$6,200.00/MO. Austin TX 1/26/2018
18-434-1R Livestock Export Pen Operator - Del Rio A17, $3,750-$4,000.00/MO. Del Rio TX 1/30/2018
18-52-1R Manager for Operations and Development B26, $7,200-$7,600.00/MO. Austin TX 1/23/2018
18-191-1 Nutrition Specialist (Internal, 5 Day Posting) B21, $4,700-$5,200.00/MO. Austin TX 1/26/2018
18-35-1 Payroll Accountant B19/B21, $3,750-5,000.00/MO. Austin TX 1/23/2018
18-132-1 Program Implementation Specialist (Internal, 5 Day Posting) B18, $3400-$3,750.00/MO. B19, $3,850-$4-500.00/MO. Austin TX 1/22/2018
18-147-1 Regional Training Specialist (Internal, 5 Day Posting) B19, $3,850-$4,150.00/MO. B21, $4,150-$4,550.00/MO. Various Counties TX 1/26/2018