Export Pen Operating Rules
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Livestock Facilities Operating Policies and Procedures

Livestock Facilities Operating Policies and Procedures

1.      All livestock shipments must have a reservation number. Livestock will not be unloaded without a reservation.

2.      Normal hours of operation are  8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Arrangements for operation outside these hours must be made by contacting the facility manager. All overtime is governed by state and facility overtime rules. Rules can be obtained at the facility office or by contacting the pen operator at least 24 hours in advance to make arrangements for operation outside of these hours.  

3.      Fees for use of the facility and other services are due at time of service and the fee schedule is posted inside the office.  Payment must be by electronic check, debit or credit card.  Cash is not accepted.   Click here to view the Export Pen Fee Schedule.  

4.      Proper USDA or Canadian health papers must accompany all livestock and the facility manager must examine these papers before livestock can be unloaded. 

5.      Animals are unloaded in the order they arrive at the facility. However, facility managers may expedite the unloading of shipments if they believe the animals may be in distress or may suffer undue hardship if not unloaded promptly. 

6.      TDA personnel must supervise loading and unloading of livestock.

7.      If the truck driver, owner and/or broker specifies that the shipment is not to be unloaded at the facility, TDA reserves the right to require the shipment to be unloaded at any time if deemed necessary for the safety and welfare of the livestock.  If the truck driver, owner and/or broker fail to promptly comply, the shipment may be expelled from the facility. 

8.      TDA personnel will process all animals at the facility in a humane, safe and efficient manner.  TDA staff will report any instances of animal abuse or neglect to the appropriate USDA and Texas Animal Health Commission offices in accordance with established policies and procedures.

9.      TDA will work in conjunction with USDA, the Texas Animal Health Commission and appropriate local agencies to ensure the welfare of all livestock processed through the facility. 

10.   TDA is not responsible for any costs associated with the death or injury of livestock while at these facilities, whether on trailers or in the pens. 

11.   The truck driver, livestock owner and/or broker are responsible for removal and disposal of all animals that are dead upon arrival at the facility and any animals that expire at the facility.  Deceased animals are to be removed promptly and under no circumstances will be allowed to remain at the facility overnight. 

12.   Customers must discuss special bio-security requirements with the TDA at least 5 business days before the expected shipment arrival date.


Director, Livestock Export

Richard De Los Santos

(512) 463-7472


13.   TDA rules strictly prohibit selling, trading or changing ownership of livestock at the export Facility. 

14.   Parking is allowed in designated areas only. 

15.   Telephones are for official state business only. 

16.   Loitering is forbidden. 

17.   Visitors are not allowed in livestock areas unless accompanied by a TDA employee.

18.   Consumption or possession of alcoholic beverages is forbidden on state property.

19.   TDA computers are to be used for livestock export facility business only.