Structural Pest Control Service CEUs

Certified Applicators:

Each certified applicator is required to obtain two (2) units in general training and one (1) unit in each category in which the applicator is certified.
Of the two (2) general training units required for recertification, at least one (1) must be in federal and state laws, pesticide safety, environmental protection, or integrated pest management. The other may be in any general topic.

No approved course may be repeated for credit within the same recertification year.

No more than one (1) unit each year may be obtained through a self-study or electronic course.

Applicators will not be required to obtain units during the first calendar year in which their license is issued. Applicators who become certified in additional categories during any calendar year period will not be required to obtain units in those categories for that period.

Certified applicators who do not meet the recertification requirements will have their licenses suspended in all deficient categories for one (1) year or until all deficiencies are corrected, and they must then re-qualify by taking the certification examination.

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The department shall require as a condition to the renewal of each commercial or noncommercial technician's license granted pursuant to the provisions of this section, the responsible certified applicator of record to certify on the verifiable training records form that the technician has completed eight (8) hours of verifiable training for the preceding calendar year running from January 1 to December 31 preceding the renewal date.  No additional training will be required in the first calendar year in which a technician is first licensed. This certification must be verified upon each annual renewal of the technician license. Failure to do so will prevent the license from being issued.

All licensees must obtain the appropriate number of verifiable training hours in the preceding 12-month calendar year period. Changing employers or moving to an inactive status does not alleviate this responsibility or add time to the continuing education requirements.


The eight (8) hours of verifiable training must be selected from the following subject areas:


  • Federal and state laws regulating structural pest control and pesticide application

  • Recognition of pest and pest damage

  • Pesticide labels and label comprehension

  • Pesticide safety

  • Environmental protection

  • Application equipment and techniques

  • Pesticide formulations and actions

  • Emergency procedures and pesticide cleanup, and procedures for the immediate reporting of spills and misapplications

  • Basic principles of mathematics, chemistry, toxicology, and entomology

  • Non-chemical pest control techniques including biological, mechanical and integrated pest management techniques.


Two (2) hours of the eight (8) hours of training may be on-the-job training or hands-on-training verified by the responsible certified applicator.

Internet training or videotape training may be used if the certified applicator certifies that the training is the appropriate training.

A technician will receive an hour for hour credit if a department approved continuing education unit course is completed.

No courses may be repeated for credit within the same recertification year.

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