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It’s No Joke That Texans Need to Save Water This April Fools’ Day (4/1/2015)

AUSTIN – As spring takes full bloom this April Fools’ Day, Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller reminds all Texans to put the joking aside and take a stand for water conservation. Water is critical to the production of food and fiber in Texas and across the world, and it is vital to Texas’ future success. Even with recent rains, more than half of Texas remains in some form of drought. To ensure water supplies exist and the world’s population is fed, each Texan is asked to do their part to save water.

“As Texans, each and every one of us has an obligation to make sure we conserve our water and help protect this precious resource,” Commissioner Miller said. “Our farmers and ranchers are wise stewards of the land, and they know that every drop is vital to our success. Agriculture matters, because we have water. Without water, whether in a small town or the big city, Texans wouldn’t have what they need to survive.”

With spring comes the planting of gardens by many Texans. By following some simple steps in the garden and throughout daily routines, every Texan can do their part to ensure Texas and its water resources are protected for many years to come. Consider the following:

  • -Choose plants that use less water. This will save resources and keep money in your wallet.
  • -Don’t overwater your plants and lawn. It’s wasteful and may do more harm than good.
  • -Capture water runoff by ensuring proper drainage and through holding tanks, if possible.
  • -Target your watering and irrigation practices to reduce waste.
  • -Check your sprinklers and irrigation systems to ensure proper working conditions and avoid water-wasting leaks.
  • -Water your plants and lawn, not houses, sidewalks or streets.

“In Texas, we must be innovative, smart and efficient in the ways we use and reuse our water resources,” Commissioner Miller said. “I know that together, as Texans, we can make a difference. Agriculture is a leader in this arena, with our farmers and ranchers finding new ways to be efficient every day. The public also is key to helping solve our water issues, as we need everyone on board to make a difference.”

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