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Texas Water Smart Gazebo Dedicated in Pottsboro (7/31/2017)

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA), City of Pottsboro and Texas Water Smart Foundation (TWS) are pleased to announce the construction of a gazebo at James G. Thompson Park.


“Pottsboro embodies the best of rural Texas,” said Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. “The vision and focus of city and community leaders made this project possible, and their efforts will enhance the community by providing an outdoor space where educational workshops and community events can be hosted.”


Pottsboro Mayor Frank Budra said, "Pottsboro has made a long-term commitment to developing James G. Thompson Park. This project creates an open-air venue where the community can gather, and where we can host visitors. I am proud of the volunteers who have made this project possible and thank the department of agriculture and the Texas Water Smart Foundation for their support and guidance."


The project is funded through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Specialty Crop Block Grant program and was implemented through a partnership among TDA, TWS, the City of Pottsboro, and community volunteers.


The City of Pottsboro was awarded a Texas Water Smart grant funded through the Texas Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Agriculture to help design and implement the garden. The purpose of the grant is to promote Pottsboro as a TDA Certified Retirement Community and to support water conservation awareness.


“This project is an investment in rural Texas,” Commissioner Miller continued. “The future of our communities depends on attracting business and new residents, as well as maintaining a reliable water supply. Pottsboro is working to fulfill both of these goals.”


“We are pleased to partner with TDA and the local communities to increase awareness about the nexus between healthy outdoor spaces, economic development, and water conservation,” Amy Graham, Chair of the Texas Water Smart Foundation said. “Because of the high level of engagement from the city and local volunteers, we know the garden will serve the community and carry forward the message about the importance of gardening and landscaping for years to come.”


To be eligible for the TDA-Texas Water Smart grant, participating communities must be enrolled in the TDA Certified Retirement Community program and select a project site that will help make the community more appealing to visitors and new residents. Because of the importance of maintaining an adequate water supply for agricultural users, projects must demonstrate outdoor water conservation techniques. 

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