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Texas Agriculture Memorial Day Honors Those Who Lost Their Lives in Agriculture Community in 2017 (11/21/2017)

Those honored include those lost in agriculture accidents and tragic young victims of Panhandle wildfire

AUSTIN – In a solemn ceremony at the State Capitol, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was joined by his fellow members of the agriculture community as they honored those men and women who lost their life in the ag industry over the last year.  The 2nd Annual Texas Agriculture Memorial Day remembers those Texas farmers and ranchers who died in the previous year as a way of focusing public attention on the importance of Texas agriculture.  The event was created by John Paul Dineen III, who lost his young son in an agriculture-related accident.


“This is a day of reflection but it’s also a day that strengthens and lifts up our ag family,” Commissioner Miller said. “Today is an important reminder that for generations, Texas farmers and ranchers have given their lives to produce the food and fiber the world needs.  Here at the Texas Department of Agriculture we remember their sacrifice every day and we hope that all Texans take a moment today to do the same.”


Commissioner Miller has called for all Texans who eat take a moment today to think about the Texas farmers and ranchers who helped produce the food we often take for granted.


The day’s events began with a memorial wreath delivered on horseback to Commissioner Miller at the Capitol and accompanied by a mounted honor guard and bagpiper provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety.  A short presentation ceremony in the Capitol Extension Auditorium followed, with Commissioner Miller presenting memorial certificates to surviving family members.  


Those being honored today include several young Texans who died in the Panhandle wildfires, among others.  The list includes:

  • William “Billy” Meissner
  • Randy Bullard
  • Maurice Buchholz
  • Gladys Ann Nay
  • Dayton R. Crenwelge
  • Johnny Callan
  • Sydney Alyssa Wallace
  • Cody Crockett
  • John Paul Dineen IV
  • John Walter Ayers
  • Coke Hopping
  • Joel B. Hughes
  • Zelda Peveto
  • Frances Freeman
  • Gretchen Hartmann
  • Winnie Grace Tanner
  • Jeanette Hendrixson Loftis


“At a time when fewer and fewer Texans are responsible for producing more and more food, it is vital that we pause to remember these courageous, dedicated Texas agriculture families,” Commissioner Miller said.  “We set aside days to remember our veterans and our first responders, and that is highly appropriate.Similarly, it is important that we set aside a day to remember our farmers and ranchers not only for providing the food and fiber we need, but for sustaining our agriculture heritage in Texas.”


Planning has begun for next year's Agriculture Memorial Day.  Applications for participation are accepted year-round at txagmemorial@gmail.com



Contact: Mark Dallas Loeffler

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*Videos and photographs from this year’s event are available on request.

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