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AUSTIN – Today, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller announced that more financial help is on its way for rural hospitals in Texas with a federal allocation of $634 million dollars going to 393 rural providers across Texas.  Each rural provider will receive at least $1 million, with additional funding provided based on a federal formula. The money comes from the federal Health and Human Services Provider Relief Fund.

“This is more great news for our rural hospitals,” said Miller.  “I want to thank President Trump and his administration for heeding my call and recognizing the critical importance of our rural hospitals here in Texas.  They are not only a vital component of our statewide healthcare system but often serve as the heart of our rural communities.  They need to stay open, and this money will help them do just that.”

Just last weekend, Miller had taken his appeal for help for rural hospitals nationwide in an interview with CBS News 60 Minutes.  That interview served as a clarion call to get cash-strapped rural hospitals, many in danger of closing, the help they need.  Watch this segment here.

Miller and his team at the Texas Department of Agriculture had already secured $11 million from the federal government to provide bridge funding to keep the doors open at rural facilities.  This new allocation will help stave off the effects of quarantine, restrictions on non-emergency surgery and COVID-19 patients at the facilities. 

“I again want to thank every Texan serving in a rural hospital or clinic today,” said Miller.  “You continue to be our heroes and we will continue to fight like hell to make sure you get what you need.” The Texas Department of Agriculture manages the State Office of Rural Health and provides funding, training and assistance to 163 rural hospitals across Texas. 

Throughout the pandemic, Miller and his staff have been helping to deliver much-needed medical supplies such as masks, personal protection equipment and sanitizer to remote care facilities.  His delivery of hand sanitizer to a rural hospital in Caldwell, Texas was featured in the CBS 60 Minutes segment.


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