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AUSTIN – Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller met with Mexican Economic Minister Tatiana Clouthier Carrillo last week via video conference to urge the Mexican government to reconsider their plan to reroute the T-MEC Corridor rail and port expansion away from Texas. This new rail line will connect the Mexican port of Mazatlán to the Canadian city of Winnipeg and will create new economic opportunities for cities on the route. Originally, the route was expected to pass through Laredo.

In early May, Minister Clouthier announced that the T-MEC Corridor would take an indirect path to go through Santa Teresa, New Mexico instead of Texas after Governor Greg Abbott ordered additional truck inspections along the Texas-Mexico border. The order resulted in over $4 billion in economic losses for both U.S. and Mexican businesses due to massive delays and loss of produce caused by the Governor’s action.

Commissioner Miller urged that the original plan with routes through Texas be reconsidered.

“Texas has the number one port for trade in the United States in Laredo, followed by Pharr and Eagle Pass,” Miller stated. “This will have a long-term effect on trade and the revised plan will be much more costly with far-reaching economic and logistic impacts.”

Miller emphasized the positive relationship Texas has with Mexico through agriculture at the four export facilities managed by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

“We have a great working relationship at the border, and I still believe that the best path for goods from both countries is through Texas due to our existing infrastructure for both rail and truck transport,” Miller said.

Minister Clouthier was very positive during the meeting, expressing that she understood Miller’s reasoning and that she really appreciated having the conversation, emphasizing that Texas and Mexico should be talking.

Miller concurred with Clouthier on the success of the meeting.

“Both of us agreed this was a good first step and that we need to continue talking. I appreciate the Economic Minister’s time and attention to this very serious issue. There is much more to be discussed and I know we can demonstrate the advantages of the Texas route for both countries.”

“These decisions will impact the United States and Mexico long after any government official currently serving leaves office. Both nations must get this right,” Miller said.

Miller plans to hold additional meetings in Texas and Mexico to further advocate for the T-MEC Corridor to be routed through Texas.

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