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Miller Goal: Grow Hemp Abroad, Help Reduce Border Crisis (10/13/2022)

Austin – Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller recently met with a bipartisan group of elected officials from the Republic of Honduras to educate them on the Texas hemp industry and establish a working dialogue regarding creating agricultural jobs in Honduras—which in turn could help reduce illegal migration into the United States.

“Honduran officials have made it clear that they have a shortage of agricultural workers due to migration into the United States. They need new opportunities to attract and keep a solid agricultural work force. One thing we all agreed upon is that hemp may provide a much-needed solution,” Miller said.

Miller met with a bipartisan delegation from the Honduran Congress, the Honorable Gustavo Gonzalez of the Partido Nacional and the Honorable Wilfredo Sabio of the Partido Libertad y Refundación. They were joined by the Honduran Commissioner of Telecommunications, Efrain Figueroa, who also serves as Vice President of the Honduran National Hemp Association.

“In Texas, we experience first-hand the effects of mass migration on a daily basis by those seeking a better way of life and greater economic opportunity. A hemp-supporting economy could stimulate the Honduran economy. A stronger domestic economy will encourage Hondurans and their families to remain in their home country. I want Hondurans to realize that the Texas Department of Agriculture is committed to support our friends in Honduras with educational and historical practical experience resources, to help them build prosperity back home and keep families together,” Miller said.

“Hemp is a potential $15 trillion global market; we have just begun to see its benefits as innovation and creativity will drive new uses. My goal as Commissioner is to help forge that path to new markets in Honduras and other countries and, by helping improve and diversify their agricultural economies, contribute to reducing the Texas border crisis that seems to worsen by the day.”

“What Washington broke, Texans will have to help fix. Helping Honduras build a hemp industry is just one way to help solve this crisis.”

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