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Commissioner Miller Asks Texas Property Tax Payment Deadline Be Extended Due to Weather (1/31/2023)

For Immediate Release
January 31, 2023


"Many Texans plan to pay their 2022 property taxes today to meet the deadline and avoid any late penalties and interest, beginning on February 1st. But the winter storm impacting most of Texas will make it difficult, if not dangerous, for those who need to travel to pay their property taxes. - especially our rural residents."

“Today is the last day property owners have to pay their 2022 property taxes without penalty or interest.  Unfortunately, many Tax Offices today are CLOSED and it will be equally difficult for many to get to the U.S. Post Office today for a January 31st postmark to avoid the 7 percent monthly penalty that begins February 1st.”

 "I am calling on all property tax collecting entities to waive any such penalties and interest for an additional 30 days for any property taxpayer who cannot meet today's deadline.”

“Should any such taxing entity refuse to waive such penalties and fees, I will ask our Governor to add this as an emergency item to the legislative call, so this can be considered immediately, and this relief can be mandated through legislative action."

"Texans have much to worry about today due to the winter storm; meeting the property tax payment deadline should not be one of them.


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