Texas Daily Ag Market News Summary

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Daily Market Summary for January 21st

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Slaughter Cattle:

As of 3:00 PM Thursday in Nebraska, negotiated cash trading has been slow to moderate with light demand. Compared to last week dressed purchases traded unevenly steady at 173.00. A few live purchases traded at 109.00. However, not enough live purchases for a full market trend. Wednesday was the last fully reported live market from 109.00-110.00. In Kansas negotiated cash trading was limited on light demand. A few live purchases traded steady with Wednesday’s last reported market at 110.00. Thus far for Thursday in the Texas Panhandle, Colorado and Western Cornbelt negotiated cash trading has been mostly inactive on light demand. Not enough purchases in these regions for a market trend. Wednesday was the last reported market in the Texas Panhandle and Colorado with live purchases at 110.00 and from 109.00-110.00, respectively. For prior week, in the Western Cornbelt, live and dressed purchases traded from 108.00-109.00 and at 173.00, respectively.


Negotiated Sales:

Confirmed:            19,496

Week Ago:               5,877

Year Ago:                59,211


Formula Net

Dressed Steers & Heifers:

Head count priced today:  19,200

Weighted avg. weight:       903 lbs.

Weighted avg. net price:    176.75


Cattle Slaughter under Federal Inspection:

Thursday (est)                     120,000

Week ago (est)                    120,000

Year ago (act)                      122,000

Week to Date                      469,000

Same Period Last Week     469,000

Same Period Last Year       489,000

Previous Day (est)

Steers & Heifers:  93,000

Cows & Bulls:        27,000


Boxed Beef:

Cutout Values:

Choice: 221.20… +2.29

Select:  210.28… +3.00

Choice/Select Spread: 10.92

Total Load Count: 127


Cutter Cow Cutout:

177.95… +0.13


CME Feeder Cattle Index for January 20th:

133.19… +0.38


Futures Settlements…

Live Cattle:

February: 114.10… +0.75

April: 119.95… +1.08

June: 117.12… +0.97


Feeder Cattle:

January: 135.87… +0.57

March: 139.15… +1.63

April: 141.87… +1.25


February Hogs: 68.10… -0.32

March Crude Oil: 53.13… -0.18


March Corn: 5.2425… +0.0225

March Wheat: 6.6075… -0.0700


Grain Cash Bids:

Kansas City Corn: 5.17… +0.02

Kansas City Wheat: 6.06… -0.01


Financial Markets:

DJIA: 31,176.01… -12.37

S & P 500: 3,853.07… +1.22

NASDAQ: 13,530.92… +73.67

U.S. Dollar Index: 90.07… -0.41