Commissioner Sid Miller Signs Historic Agreement in Israel (3/30/2017)

Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller has signed a historic agreement with Israeli leaders to encourage agricultural trade with Texas and strengthen the relationship between Texas and our greatest ally in the Middle East, Israel. Commissioner Miller is visiting Israel on a trade and marketing mission following his recent announcement of a new Texas-Israel Exchange Council.


The “Declaration of Cooperation” between Commissioner Miller, on behalf of the Texas Department of Agriculture, and Chairman Yossi Dagan, on behalf of the Shomron Regional Council of the State of Israel, was signed in the Israeli Knesset, or parliament.  


During his visit, Commissioner Miller will be visiting with several high-ranking Israeli government officials, as well as representatives of a host of companies who are seeking to do business with Texas. Gildad Erdan, Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister (Likud) for the State of Israel, was also present at the signing ceremony.


“I am proud to represent the people of Texas and sign this historic accord to renew the spirit of cooperation and friendship between Texas and Israel,” Commissioner Miller said. “As an eighth-generation farmer and rancher, I am here to send a strong message that Texas agriculture producers and other Texas-based companies are ready to do business with the people of Israel.”


Chairmen Dagan said he welcomed Commissioner Miller to Israel and that he appreciated Commissioner Miller's understanding of the importance of Judea and Samaria to Israel throughout the ages. Considered the heartland of Israel, the Shomron area — more commonly known as the West Bank — consists of the historic regions of Judea and Samaria

“As foretold by the Prophet Jeremiah, ‘you shall yet plant vines on the mountains of Samaria; the planters shall plant and shall eat them as common things’,” Dagan said. “Here in Samaria, we look forward to working hand-in-hand with Commissioner Miller to share God’s bounty with the people of Texas just as the people of Texas will now be able to share their bountiful harvest with us.”


In addition to his visit’s agriculture-related itinerary, Commissioner Miller’s presence in the West Bank has broader implications for U.S.-Israeli relations.


“In recent years, many U.S. leaders have turned their back on Israel,” Dagan said. “So it is gratifying to know that there are leaders of courage like Sid Miller are willing to stand in solidarity with Israel and visit these territories that others may consider ‘disputed.’ My friend, Sid Miller, understands that there is no dispute about this region in the eyes of God.”


“I am here to talk business,” Commissioner Miller said. “I am also here to say that Texas strongly supports Israel and their right for self-preservation and self-determination. Both Texas and Israel fought for their independence, and it is that spirit that binds us together today. I have every confidence that this is only the opening act in a new era of renewed partnership between the United States and Israel. I am honored to serve as the vanguard for that new era.”