Grain Warehouse Complaint Process
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Grain Warehouse Complaint Information

TDA Grain Warehouse Program

Does an inspection/inspector get dispatched?

Upon notification of an alleged complaint or violation, TDA’s Austin Headquarters will contact the appropriate TDA Regional office and request an on-site inspection of the grain warehouse facilities by a trained TDA Field Inspector,

Does TDA conduct and investigation?

A Field Inspector will be dispatched by the Regional Office to perform a full inspection or partial inspection (depending on the type of alleged complaint or violation) of the grain warehouse facilities,

Is a report written?

A written report is delivered to TDA’s Austin Headquarters for review, approval and delivered to the Enforcement division of the TDA office of General Counsel,

Is there an Enforcement action?

The enforcement division of the TDA office of General Counsel will determine the scope and severity of the violations and determine the administrative penalties to be levied upon the respondent including license denial, probation, suspension, or revocation and/or referral for criminal prosecution and injunctive relief.

If the respondent is not licensed/certified by TDA who/what agency needs to be contacted?

Either the TDA Grain Warehouse Program Coordinator at

Phone: 512-936-2430,



Also see Producer Information Brochure - Grain Warehouse.pdf (


USDA Agriculture Marketing Service Warehouse & Commodity Management Division License & Storage Contract Branch

Warehouse & Commodity Management Division

Phone: 816-926-6474