Filing a Weights and Measures Complaint
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Weights and Measures Complaint Process
Filing a Weights and Measures Complaint
TDA investigates complaints of alleged inaccurate scales, LPG meters, packages and misleading or misrepresentation of a price. TDA investigates all complaints from any person who believes they may have been overcharged in a commercial transaction.

How to File a Complaint
Persons who want to file a complaint should contact the Weights and Measures Team at (512) 463-7698 or email TDA will initiate an investigation when notified either by phone or in writing. Please include the name and address where the alleged violation occurred along with any other pertinent information regarding the complaint. 

Results of The Inspection
Complainants may request to be notified of the results of the inspection when they initially file the complaint. The results will be sent to the complainant via email once the complaint inspection has been completed, reviewed, and approved.

Copies of the Inspection Report
The inspection report is subject to the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act. A copy of the report can be provided upon written request. Requests for reports be sent to: Reports may not be available immediately following an inspection but will be once the report is finalized.

Enforcement Actions
Depending on the result of the inspection, TDA may find that no violation could be documented or is unable to determine the responsible party and close the case without further action.
If a violation can be documented, TDA may issue a warning; assess an administrative penalty; suspend, modify, or revoke a license; or refer the case to another appropriate state or federal agency, county attorney, district attorney or Texas attorney general for further action. Monetary penalties collected by the state are deposited to the State's General Revenue Fund and not for the use of TDA.