Metrology Lab


 The Giddings Metrology Laboratory will be undergoing facility and HVAC system renovations in 2020 to maintain required calibration laboratory environmental conditions. This essential renovation will provide our customers with years of continued service, metrological traceability, and measurements that comply with national and international standards.

Based on the information we have received from our team of project managers and contractors we anticipate that the Giddings Metrology Laboratory will not be scheduling calibration appointments from March 1, 2020 to June 30, 2020. TDA will be unable to conduct calibrations while construction and renovation activities are taking place at the facility.  Be advised that the above dates are based on current information and may change in the future depending on construction performance.  If you have questions relating to current construction status or your company’s license for mass operations, please contact Lisa Corn at 979.542.3231

The Weights and Measures program operates a Metrology Laboratory located in Giddings.  All weights and measures calibrations are documented and traceable to International System of Units (SI) through the National Institute of Standards and Technology (N.I.S.T.)

The State Metrology Lab (Giddings Metrology Lab) conducts mass and volumetric calibrations on field test standards used by Licensed Service Companies and Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) Inspectors.  Due to the high demand for field standard calibrations, appointments for calibration must be done several weeks in advance, through submission of TDA form RMT-001 and the required accompanying documentation. 

• Lab Hours of Operation – 8:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday
• Lab Telephone – 979.542.3231;  Fax – 888.205.7741
• Lab Email –  metrologylab@texasagriculture.gov
• Calibrations by appointments only – See Form RMT-001 (Also see Resources column on the right) 
• For more info, see appointment requirements letters: Mass / Volume

The facility has a 3-ton overhead crane to load and unload large weights, manual and powered hoists, a forklift and a compact utility loader to move prover trailers, etc. 

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Requirement for a weight cart maintenance log (Logs to accompany carts beginning December 1, 2017.)
Upcoming state holidays – lab closures
Test Measures Repair Letter from Seraphin
Volume Letter Regarding Levels on Provers
• Calibration customer service alerts (Examples of problem notices to avoid): 
Mass  • Volume  

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR CUSTOMERS – click here for all the following:
• Possible effects  to scheduled appointment no-shows
• How much in advance to schedule appointments
• The importance of providing serial numbers
• Payment options
• Drop-off/unloading and pick-up/loading instructions
• Recommended conduct for customers while at the Lab
• Contributing factors to rejection of artifacts
• Rejected artifacts may be assessed fee charges if discovered after calibration process begins
• Acceptance of Gifts, Benefits, and Favors by Employees

• Licensing information & questions: Service Technician and Service Company