Internal Audit
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Office of Internal Audit

Audit Services

The Office of Internal Audit provides independent, objective assurance and consulting services, using a risk-based approach, to add value and improve the operations of the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Assurance Services include financial, compliance, economy and efficiency, and effectiveness audits, as well as certain investigations.

Consulting Services include advisory and related client service activities such as counsel, advice, facilitation, and training. The nature and scope of these services are agreed upon with the client.

Follow-up audit work is also performed to assess the implementation status of corrective actions taken in response to prior internal and external audit findings and recommendations.

Audit Coordination

The Office of Internal Audit serves as a central point for the coordination of and oversight for all external audit activities affecting the Texas Department of Agriculture.

Professional Standards and Practices

Assurance and consulting services are conducted in accordance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and the Government Auditing Standards issued by the Comptroller General of the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO).

Texas Internal Auditing Act

The Texas Internal Auditing Act requires state agencies and institutions of higher education to post agency internal audit plans, internal audit annual reports, and any weaknesses or concerns resulting from the audit plan or annual report on the entity's Internet website at the time and in the manner provided by the State Auditor’s Office. In compliance with these requirements, the agency’s internal audit plan and internal audit report may be accessed by clicking on the links below.

  1. 2022 Annual Audit Report
  2. 2023 Audit Plan

External Quality Assurance Review

Professional standards require a periodic peer review of internal audit activities by an entity external to the agency. This peer review provides objective and reasonable assurance that the operations of the internal audit function conform to the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, the Government Auditing Standards, and the Texas Internal Auditing Act. The Office of Internal Audit's most recent peer review was completed in September 2016.

Fraud Reporting

To report agency waste, abuse, or fraud, you may contact the State Auditor's Office Hotline at 1-800-TX-AUDIT or via their online fraud reporting form.

You may also contact TDA’s Fraud Prevention Hotline by phone at (512) 475-3423 or 1-866-5-FRAUD-4 (1-866-537-2834) or by email at

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