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Certified Farmers Markets
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Farmers markets are a true Texas treasure and popular with consumers and professional chefs alike. With a variety of products available, farmers markets provide an abundance of choices throughout the year for all Texans.

Farmers markets provide a variety of benefits for Texas producers and consumers. Direct access to consumers provides an important source of income for many growers. At the same time, consumers at farmers markets gain access to locally grown, farm-fresh produce and other goods, as well as the opportunity to interact with the people who grow their food.

To find a Certified Farmers Market near you, use this search tool. Remember that market times and seasons vary throughout the state. Be sure to click on the links available for each market listing to see updated days and hours of operation. Interested in becoming a Certified Farmers Market and listing your market on the map below?

2023 TDA and GO TEXAN Certified Farmers Markets

Blue: Market locations in blue are TDA certified farmers markets

Red: Markets in red are both GO TEXAN and TDA certified farmers markets

GO TEXAN Mark: Markets with the GO TEXAN mark are GO TEXAN Associate Partners