Pre-Qualified Professional Services

Pre-Qualified Professional Administrative Services

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) is piloting a two-phase process to preapprove a pool of grant administrators. Local governments may solicit proposals from this pool for preparation of an application to the Texas Community Development Block Grant (TxCDBG) program, and subsequent administration services if a grant is awarded. In Phase One, TDA requests prequalification applications from interested individuals and firms to be preapproved for grant writing and administrative services to assist communities in proposed projects to be financed with certain categories of TxCDBG funding. Administrators approved through this RFQ process will be eligible to provide services to communities receiving grant funds. Preapproval of a grant administrator indicates that the application was complete and timely, and does not include an evaluation of the quality of services offered by the administrator.

Phase Two is the final grant administrator selection process. Participation in the Phase Two streamlined request for proposals (RFP) process will be limited to only those administrators that have submitted a complete application in response to Phase One and that have been approved by TDA. Any resulting contracts for grant administrative services between a local government and a grant administrator may not exceed a total of $50,000. Actual budgets and tasks may be negotiated after the grant administrator has been selected by a participating local government.

Addendum 3 Questions and Answers from Applicants Click HERE for this document

Pre-Approved Administrators (Fund Specific Approved Vendor List)

Instructions for Communities to complete Phase 2 may be found HERE 

Phase 2 Solicitation Forms:
Request for Project-Specific Proposal Forms A506 (Word Format) 
Response from Service Provider Form A507 (Word Format) 
Evaluation of Proposals Form A508 (Word Format)

Pre-Approved Administrative Services for TxCDBG Program Year 2018 (PY 2018)
 Original RFQ documentation may be found HERE

Firm Name

Application Contact Information Small
 A & J Howco Services Click HERE   Kay Howard   kay@howco.net  X  X  
 Amazing Grants, Inc. Click HERE  Mary Kay Thomas   marykay@amazinggrants.com  X  X
 Blais & Associates, Inc. Click HERE  Neil Blais   nblais@blaisassoc.com      
 Business Service Company Click HERE  Carlos Mondragon   cdragon2010@gmail.com  
 Community Development Management Co. Click HERE  Rudy Ruiz   rudyr@ccaustin.com X  
 David J Waxman, Inc. Click HERE David Waxman   davidjwaxman@sbcglobal.net  X  X  
 Esser & Company Consulting, LLC. Click HERE  Carl Esser   carl.esser@hotmail.com      
 GMJ, Inc. Click HERE  John Johnson   jjohnson@gmjinc.com    
 Grant Development Services, Inc. Click HERE  Gandolf Burrus   gburrus@texasgrants.us    
 GrantWorks, Inc. Click HERE  Brenna Minor   grantworks@grantworks.net  X    
 Hanson Professional Services Click HERE  Anna A Smith   asmith@hanson-inc.com      
 Hollis Rutledge and Associates, Inc. Click HERE  Hollis Rutledge   hollis@rutledge-associates.com  X
 Langford Community Management Services Click HERE  Judy Langford   judy@LCMSinc.com  X  
 Middle Rio Grande Development Council Click HERE Nick Gallegos   nick.gallegos@mrgdc.org      
 Municipal Consulting Agency Click HERE Valree Thompson   valreethompson@hotmail.com  
 Panhandle Regional Planning Commission Click HERE  Dustin Meyer   dmeyer@theprpc.org      
 Provision Specialized Resources, LLC Click HERE Alice Ashley   aliceashley@provisionsr.com  X  
 Public Management, Inc. Click HERE  Patrick Wiltshire   pwiltshire@publicmgt.com  X    
 Raymond K. Vann & Associates, LLC Click HERE  Raymond K Vann   rvann@rkvtexas.com  X    
 Resource Management & Consulting Co. Click HERE  Charles Edwards   charles@grant-consultant.com  
 Resource Mobility Associates, Inc. Click HERE  Francisco Briones   franciscobriones38@yahoo.com  X    X
 Ricardo Gomez & Associates Click HERE  Ricardo Gomez   RGAinArroyoCity@aol.com  X  X  X
 The Mineral Wells Industrial Foundation, Inc. Click HERE Stephen Butcher   sbutcher@mwed.org  X    
 Traylor & Associates, Inc. Click HERE  Mark Taylor   mark@grtraylor.com  X    

Current Opportunities for Pre-qualification

See below for open solicitations to pre-qualify for grant writing and administrative services opportunities. 

Certified Administrators

All individuals that are responsible for administration of a TxCDBG grant contract must attend CDBG training annually.  Once training is completed, the individual will be included on the current Certified Administrators List that is posted to the TDA website.  This requirement applies to the point of contact for administrative requirements of the grant, whether a third party administrator procured by a community, an employee of a Council of Government serving as a subrecipient to the community, or an employee of a self-administering community.

Click HERE for a list of Current Certified Administrators. 

To become certified, please plan to attend one of the upcoming TxCDBG Implementation Workshops: Dates and locations may be found HERE.

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