TxCDBG Applicants, Awards and Success Stories

Application Submission UPDATE!

We look forward to receiving applications on September 1, 2020 for:
 - Downtown Revitalization/Main Street Programs
 - Fire, Ambulance and Service Truck Fund (FAST)
 - Planning and Capacity Building Fund
 - Colonia Fund - Construction (Secondary Round)

Due to the current pandemic conditions, TDA offices remain closed to the public.  Therefore TDA is modifying the application submission procedures for the aforementioned applications.

All Applications for TXCDG Funding must be submitted electronically to TDA, as follows:

- Submit all applications to CDBGapps@TexasAgriculture.gov
      - The emailed application will be the document of record
      - TDA strongly discourages mail delivery for applications – application materials mailed to TDA that arrive after the application due date will not be considered part of the original application
      - TDA will NOT be accepting hand-delivered applications

- Please use subject line: [Fund Acronym] - [Name of Applicant] 
      - Example: DRP/MS – Sample City
      - Example: CFC – Sample County

-The email must include a complete scanned copy of the application as a single PDF document
      - Maps must be legible and not folded
      - Newspaper publications must be scanned as described in the application guide
      - If an income survey was performed, include the Survey Tab Form in the single PDF document.  If the survey has not been previously approved (including TDA staff initials), attach the complete survey documentation (Survey Tab Form, Address List, Survey Questionnaires) as a separate document

- The PDF application must be signed by the authorized official
      - Scanned copies of the wet ink signature are acceptable
      - Digital signatures that comply with the TxCDBG Project Implementation Manual requirements are also acceptable (See Chapter 2, page 6)

TxCDBG Success Stories

A "one-pager" highlighting some of TxCDBG's recent projects may be found HERE.

Application Schedule

Fund Category  Fund Cycle Application Period 
Applications Received 
(includes scores if available) 
Awards Issued 
Regional Allocation                                  
Community Development Fund 2019-2020 Closed Applications & Allocations by Region 2019: Awarded
2020: Anticipated October 2020
Community Development Fund  2021-2022 TBD TBD Anticipated:
2021-September 2021
2022-September 2022
Colonia Funds         
Colonia Fund - Planning 2019-2020 Closed  To be announced To be announced
Colonia Fund - Construction 
(Round 1)
Closed  Applications Received  Awarded
Colonia Fund - Construction 
(Round 2)
Open  Due September 1, 2020
Colonia Fund - EDAP   2019 Open  As needed  N/A 
Colonia Fund - Colonia-to-Cities   2019 Open  As needed  N/A
Economic Development        
Texas Capital Fund - Main Street & Downtown Revitalization Program 2019 Closed Applications Received To be announced
Texas Capital Fund - Real Estate & Infrastructure Program 2019  Open Due May 1, 2020
Pre-Application call: Due April 1, 2020
Anticipated: July 2020
Texas Capital Fund - Small and Microenterprise Revolving Fund  2019  Closed  N/A N/A 
Texas Capital Fund - revised program to be announced  2020 Anticipated: Fall  Anticipated: Fall  Spring 2021 
Texas Capital Fund - Main Street & Downtown  Revitalization Program   2020 Open Due September 1, 2020
Anticipated: TBD
Other Statewide Programs         
Planning & Capacity Building Fund  2019  Closed 
To be announced
Planning & Capacity Building Fund  2020  Open  Due September 1, 2020
Fire, Ambulance, and Service Truck (FAST) Fund  2019  Closed  Applications Received
To be announced
Fire, Ambulance, and Service Truck (FAST) Fund  2020  Open Due September 1, 2020

State Urgent Need Fund  2019-2020  Open As Needed  N/A 
Utility U - Job Training Pilot  2019 Open  As Needed  N/A 

TxCDBG Awards Made from PY2012-PY2016

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TxCDBG Applications Received from PY2012-PY2016

 - Click HERE for list - ordered by COG, then alphabetically by county and applicant name 

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TxCDBG Activities and Allocations

To view recent TxCDBG funding priorities, activities funded and learn more about CDBG funding and allocation click HERE.