Commercial Certified Prescribed Burn Manager
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Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Managers

A Certified and Insured Prescribed Burn Manager (CIPBM) is licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture and approved by the Prescribed Burn Board.  A CIPBM has the ultimate authority and responsibility when conducting a prescribed burn.  A CIPBM must meet the minimum standards of training and experience and maintain required insurance.  A CIPBM must provide reasonable assurance that a prescribed burn will be confined to a predetermined area, that the effects of smoke emissions are minimized, and that a prescribed burn will be conducted in a manner that will accomplish land management objectives.

There are four types of certified and insured prescribed burn managers: 

(a) Private: conducts prescribed burns on property owned by, leased by, or occupied by the private certified and insured prescribed burn manager or that person's employer
(b) Commercial: may conduct prescribed burns for hire on any property allowed by his or her certification, including that of his or her employer.
(c) Government: employed by and acting on behalf of a government unit must apply for certification to act as a certified and insured prescribed burn manager as an authorized employee of a governmental unit.
(d) Not-for-Profit: conducts prescribed burns on property owned or leased by a prescribed burning organization or on property owned or leased by a person who is a member of a prescribed burning organization.

For more information regarding the categories please reference TAC TITLE 4; PART 13; CH 225; RULE 225.2
  • Application (pdf)

  • Application Instructions (pdf)

  • Training Verification (pdf)

  • Training Verification Instructions (pdf)

  • Insurance Verification (pdf)

** Please be aware that the PBB-601 has been updated.
   Prescribed Burning Rules
For specific rules relating to CIPBM certification and requirements for Prescribed Burning, click here to visit the Texas Administrative Code.

   Requirements for Certification

All certified and insured prescribed burn categories must meet the following minimum requirements for certification:

Applicants for certification as a CIPBM must complete a course approved by the Board and pass the exam.  The course consists of general fire training for certification, using training materials developed by the Board and issued by any approved Lead Burn Instructor.  The course will contain formal classroom lectures and practical field sessions, including a prescribed burn. Other training courses may be considered by the Board to meet the required training necessary for certification.

Applicants must be able to document a minimum of: 
1. Three years of prescribed burning.
2. Thirty days of prescribed burning.
3. Five days of prescribed burning as the responsible individual.

To be certified, at all times a CIPBM must carry: 
(a) at least $1 million of liability insurance coverage for each single occurrence of bodily injury to or destruction of property, 
(b) with a policy period minimum aggregate limit of at least $2 million.

Certification and renewal fees are $500.00 for a two-year license, contingent upon annual proof of insurance and continuing fire training requirements.