Prescribed Burn Lead Instructor
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Prescribed Burn Lead Instructor

A individual approved by the Board as a certified and insured prescribed burn manager that has taken or taught the prescribed burn manager course or is a NWCG Type II Burn Boss or higher is eligible to apply to be a lead instructor.

A lead instructor must meet requirements for presentation of technical information in formal settings and have the required experience conducting and participating in prescribed burns. A lead instructor provides leadership conducting the board approved prescribed burn manager course and has the authority to select assistant instructors.

In order to be eligible to conduct a training course, a lead instructor must have:
  1. a minimum of 25 prescribed burns as the individual on-site solely responsible for the prescribed burn;
  2. participated on a minimum of 50 burns, with at least 75% being prescribed burns. Participation includes any position on a burn;
  3. a minimum of 35 prescribed burns of management scale, as defined within an ecoregion;
  4. taken or taught a Board approved certified and insured prescribed burn manager course or be qualified as NWCG Prescribed Burn Boss Type 2 (RXB2), or higher; and
  5. at least 10 experiences as presenter of technical information to groups in a formal setting.
All lead instructors must be approved by the Prescribed Burn Board.

 To apply to become a Prescribed Burn Lead Instructor, fill out the and submit the forms located on the right.

  • Application (doc) (pdf)
  • Application Supplement (pdf)
  • Application Instructions (pdf)