Cotton Stalk Destruction Deadline Extensions FAQ
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Cotton Stalk Destruction Deadline Extensions FAQ
Who needs an extension?
Answer: If you are not able to comply with the destruction deadline for your zone and qualify for an extension, you must submit a completed request form for an extension of the destruction deadline (RCD-901RCD-901A).

Where can I get an extension request form?
Answer: Forms may be picked up from the Texas Department of Agriculture, Texas AgriLife Extension offices, Farm Service Agency offices, local cotton gins and other agricultural businesses.

Where do I send the request?
Answer: Forms must be submitted to your regional office either in person, by mail or by fax.

What information is needed?
Answer: Extension requests must include name, address, phone number of producer, why an extension is being requested (explain), FSA Farm/Tract number, acreage involved, physical location of field, county in which field is located, date(s) planted, harvest date, if harvested, field status and reasonable estimate of time needed to complete destruction. The application form must be filled out completely; a lack of documentation may cause your extension request to be delayed or denied.

When does my request have to be sent?
Answer: All requests may be submitted up to the applicable pest management zone's stalk destruction deadline or extended deadline.

Do I automatically get an extension?
Answer: No. Submission of an extension request does not automatically result in an extension being granted. If an extension request is denied, you may still be in violation of the destruction deadline.

Why would an extension be given?
Answer: Extensions may be granted due to adverse weather conditions, illness, mechanical failure, research or other good cause.

How will I know if an extension is granted?
Answer: A letter granting or denying the extension request will be sent within five (5) days of receipt of your request unless a blanket extension is granted for the general area. If a blanket extension is given, it will be printed in local newspapers and the news release will be posted on the TDA website.