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Organic Complaint

The TDA Organic Certification Program is committed to maintaining the integrity of the organic claim. TDA has established a complaint procedure to help ensure that complaints from applicants for certification, certified operations and the public are addressed in a timely manner. When you report a suspected violation, be prepared to provide as much detailed information as possible (Who? What? Where? When? Why? and How?).  Please include documentation when available. Complete and accurate information helps ensure that the issue can be successfully reviewed or investigated.

Depending on the type of complaint, it should be submitted in the following manner:

Complaint against a TDA-certified organic operation
To file a complaint against a TDA-certified organic operation, please contact our program directly with as much information as possible regarding the complaint.

Complaint against operations not certified by TDA
Complaints against operations not certified by TDA should be forwarded directly to the compliance office at the National Organic Program. To file a complaint directly with the National Organic Program, please contact them with as much information as possible regarding the complaint.  

Click here for information on filing a complaint with the National Organic Program.