Endangered Species
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Environmental Quality

The TDA Environmental Quality Program (EQP) serves to coordinate and maintain the environmental protection and conservation efforts of the agency. EQP is charged with responsibilities that include endangered species and water quality, especially in regards to pesticide registration.  EQP participates in numerous interagency state and federal committees to protect the flora and fauna of Texas and to minimize those threats to our ecosystem through agricultural practices, especially pesticide use.

In particular, the Endangered Species Act, requires EPA to ensure that registered pesticides do not harm federally listed endangered species. It also requires that species conservation should be done in a way that minimizes impact to agriculture. TDA staff work with EPA, Texas Parks and Wildlife and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to manage pesticide use in areas of the state that contain rare or endangered species. EPA and TDA scientists review hundreds of studies for pesticides registered in Texas to ensure minimal risk to humans, wildlife, and the environment, especially rare species. Check the EPA Endangered Species Bulletins web site to view any special precautions currently from EPA for your county of interest.

The Clean Water Act and numerous other mandates require EPA to ensure pesticides used in Texas do not pose a water hazard, both to humans and ecosystems.  Surface water and ground water are both vitally important and TDA continually reviews the scientific data and monitoring information to ensure Texas waterways are some of the best in the nation to use and recreate in.   TDA works with numerous state and federal agencies, especially the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the US Geological Survey, and EPA to carry-out the mandates for clean water in the state.

Updated Hotline Number Alert:

The EPA Endangered Species Protection Program (ESPP) Hotline number has changed to (844) 447-3813. This replaces the previous number that appears on some labels and Bulletins. The ESPP Hotline is intended to be used for stakeholders with questions related to endangered species Bulletins, specifically for issues accessing or printing the Bulletins.