Structural Pest Control Consumer Information
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Structural Pest Control Consumer Information

Structural pest control refers to the process intended to eliminate or remove unwanted insects, plants and/or animals in or around man-made structures. 

Licenses are required for anyone who is in the business of pest control including small companies owned/operated by a single individual as well as the large nationwide franchises.  This can include landscape and lawn maintenance companies that offer to do weed and plant insect control around homes and businesses.  This type of work is called a commercial business and requires commercial licenses.   The SPCS can also issue licenses to some employees of public schools, private schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, day care centers, nursing homes, warehouses, food processing plants, and local, county and state government who perform pest control for their employer.  This type of work is called noncommercial and requires noncommercial licenses.    

In addition to issuing licenses and seeking out unlicensed individuals who should be licensed, the SPCS investigates complaints alleging any violation of the Structural Pest Control Act and performs routine inspections of establishments licensed by the SPCS.  These inspections are conducted to ensure that licensed individuals are in compliance with state and federal laws and regulations regarding pest control and pesticide use.