Structural Pest Control Course Providers
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Structural Pest Control Course Providers
Course Providers

Listed below are course providers who have been approved to provide training for structural pest control operators.  Most providers offer continuing education, technician and noncommercial training and IPM training.  SPCS does not endorse nor recommend any of the following providers. You should contact the course providers for more information. 



**All Star Professional Training, Inc.
(817) 385-1136
(866) 917-1586  

Innovative Pest Management
Ray Thompson
(972) 769-2440
Fax:(972) 964-8440

**Target Specialty Products
Heather King
(706) 201-2308 

Texas AgriLife Extension Service
Dr. Don Renchie
(979) 845-3849

CTN Educational Services
Tommy Kezar
(512) 829-5114

Texas Association of School Boards
OnSite Environmental Services
Shelly Branstetter
(512) 467-0222

**High Sierra Education Services
Larry Franke
(830) 620-4440

Texas AgriLife Extension Service (IPM in Schools)
Dr. Mike Merchant, Janet Hurley 
(877) 747-6872

Jeff Hill Pest Management Consulting
Jeffrey W. Hill
Cell (512) 564-1973
HM (512) 768-3432

 Texas Pest Control Association
(512) 954-9664

Texas Integrated Pest Management Institute
(512) 321-9911

Builders Academy, Inc.
Bryon A Parffrey
(281) 558-4100
Fax: (281) 558-5821 
Ensystex, Inc.
Donald Stetler (Houston, Dallas and East Texas)
(866) 863-7220
Michael Shields
(866) 863-7155

Pest Pro Academy

Tom Wright
(800) 680-6720

First Class Pest Training
Brian Redenius
(281) 615-4404

BASF Professional & Specialty Solutions

Dr. Bob Davis
512 657-5913
Online Training
Kevin Hurley, BCE
(845) 481-4048
DENTON, TX 75027
PH: 214-808-0925 
 DMW Alternatives
Mario Saavedra
El Paso, Tx
(915) 7066118
F & R Education
Brad Pierce

** Designates Structural Fumigation Training Provider

· The providers above contacted our office in writing to be listed.

· If you are an approved provider for SPCS and would like to be added to our listing, please notify this office in writing.