Noxious and Invasive Plants
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Noxious and Invasive Plants

        What is a Noxious and Invasive Plant
                    Any plant species that has a serious potential to cause 
                    economical or ecological harm to the agriculture, 
                    horticulture, native plants, ecology and waterways of Texas.

        Process to Add a Plant Species to TDA's Noxious and 
        Invasive Plants List

Any agency, organization or member of the public wishing to add a plant species to TDA's list, should send a written request to Dr. Awinash Bhatkar, Coordinator for Biosecurity and Agriculture Resource Management, Texas Department of Agriculture, P.O. Box 12847, Austin, Texas 78711.

In addition to the scientific and common names of the plant species, the requester should also provide any available scientific data and economic impact information the relevant plant species could have on the state.

Upon receipt of this information, TDA would evaluate the request. In addition, TDA would consult with representatives from the agriculture industry, the horticulture industry, the Texas AgriLife Extension Service, the Texas Department of Transportation, the State Soil and Water Conservation Board, and the Parks and Wildlife Department as required by the statute.

TDA would also seek input from entities having expertise in the area as well as from those who might be potentially impacted.

If these consultations express consensus toward adding the plant species to the list, TDA would publish the proposal (a Proposed Rule) in Texas Register for public comments, and make a decision on permanently adopting the proposal (a Final Rule) based on the comments received. 

Legislative Authority

Chapter 71, Subchapter D of the Texas Agriculture Code titled Noxious and Invasive Plants requires the Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) to publish a list of noxious and invasive plant species that have a serious potential to cause economical or ecological harm.

TDA's regulations to administer this statute are given in the the Texas Administrative Code, Title 4, Chapter 19, Subchapter T (Noxious and Invasive Plants). TDA's list of noxious and invasive plants is attached to Rule §19.300(a) of Subchapter T.