Nursery Floral FAQ
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Nursery Floral FAQ
When will my license expire?
Answer: A license is valid for one year. Your license will expire on the last day of the month it became effective. For example, licenses effective on May 15, 2010 will expire on May 31, 2011.

What if I don’t have a license?
Answer: If TDA inspects your location and you don’t have the appropriate license or permit, TDA may issue a stop-sale order and take enforcement actions, including the issuance of fines.

What if an inspector finds pests or diseases on my plants?
Answer: TDA will issue a stop-sale order for plants that are pest infested or infected with a disease.

Do I need a Nursery Floral license to sell plants on the Internet?

Yes. You need a Nursery Floral license to sell plants using any Internet website. 

To ship the plants to out-of-state locations, you need a phytosanitary certificate issued by a TDA inspector.  The cost is $30 per inspection. Quarantine regulations for plant movement to various states vary for each specific type of plant. View state quarantine summaries

How can I get a TDA license to grow and sell herbs?
Answer: TDA currently does not regulate species of herbs grown for culinary purposes, provided any of them are not commonly used as ornamentals.

Where do I find the law and regulations for the Nursery Floral Program?
Answer: You can find the laws for the Nursery Floral program in Chapter 71 of the Agriculture Code, and the regulations in Chapter 22 of the Administrative Code.