Phytosanitary Certificates
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Phytosanitary Certificates

Who Needs a Phytosanitary Certificate?

Protection for Texas Agriculture is ensured through phytosanitary inspections of plant products grown in nurseries,
fields or greenhouses, including their premises, growing media, containers or packaging.
Pest-free products are issued a phytosanitary certificate or permit for shipment to pest-free areas,
if requested by a grower and/or shipper. Growing season inspections are conducted to determine freedom
from pests of field crops and vegetable plants. As a prerequisite for phytosanitary certification,
samples are collected and sent for diagnosis to determine the pest species present. State or federal phytosanitary
certificates are issued under the authority of the state departments of agriculture and USDA-APHIS-PPQ for products imported into or exported from Texas. 

No state or federal phytosanitary certificate is issued for a quarantined article if the quarantine requirements of the importing state or country are not met.

User Fees 

The Texas Department of Agriculture (TDA) issues Federal Phytosanitary Certificates (FPCs) on behalf of the U. S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for plants and plant products exported internationally.  USDA charges fees for each FPC issued.

Fee components (per certificate) FPC Issued Electronically FPC Issued Manually (paper)
USDA Fee                          $ 106                   $ 106
Administrative Fee                          $  6                   $  12
Total Due (per certificate issued)                          $ 112                   $ 118

For additional information about the changes or to request a FPC, contact your nearest TDA regional office at:

Region 1 - West Texas Regional Office: (806) 799-8555

Region 2 - North Texas Regional Office: (214) 631-0265

Region 3 - Gulf Coast Regional Office: (713) 921-8200

Region 4 - South Central Regional Office: (210) 820-0288

Region 5 - Valley Regional Office: (956) 787-8866