Seed Certification
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Seed Certification

TDA, on behalf of the State Seed and Plant Board, has adopted the repeal of Title 4, Part 5, Chapters 81 (Certification Procedures) and 82 (Procedures for Meeting by Telephone Conference Call) of the Texas Administrative Code.  Click here for more information


The Mission of the Seed Certification Program is to create and make available a source of seeds and vegetative propagating materials of crops and plants grown, conditioned, certified and distributed to insure genetic purity and identity in relation to TDA standards.

The Certification Program:

  • Licenses Certified Growers
  • Registers Plant Breeders 
  • Conducts field inspections on certified seed production 
  • Inspects conditioning plants
  • Monitors variety purity by testing certified hybrid production samples through grow-outs in Puerto Rico and Costa Rica
  • Prints and issues certification labels  
Seed Certification FAQ
Who needs a license to produce certified seed?
Answer: Any individual, firm or corporation producing a class of certified seed in Texas must be a Texas certified seed grower

Do I need to be a Registered Plant Breeder to produce certified seed?
Answer: Anyone that is developing, maintaining or producing seed or plants for which the State Seed and Plant Board has established standards of genetic purity and identity may apply to be a Registered Plant Breeder.   It is not a requirement to produce certified seed in Texas.