Seed Law
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Seed Law

The Mission of the Seed Law program is to monitor labeling of seed packages to help ensure that consumers receive the quality and type of seed they pay for, that the seed will germinate or sprout as stated on the label, and will produce the kind of plants represented.

The Seed Law Program:

  • Performs seed sampling regulatory activities
  • Performs laboratory analysis and field grow-out testing on seed samples
  • Issues Vegetable Seed License
  • Issues Permit numbers for reporting seed sales under the Reporting System
  • Prints and issues Texas Tested Seed Fee Labels
  • Investigates seed complaints
  • Ensures seed is not contaminated with noxious weed seed.
Seed Law FAQ
What do I need to do to sell seed that is for planting purposes in Texas? 

Vegetable Seed - You must have a valid vegetable seed license.
Agricultural Seed - You must pay an inspection fee.    You may pay this fee by purchasing a Texas Tested Seed Label or using the Texas Reporting System

When does my vegetable seed license expire?
Answer: A license is valid for one year. Your license will expire on the last day of the month it became effective. For example, licenses effective on May 15th, 2011 will expire on May 31st, 2012.

Do I have to renew my Reporting System Permit?
Answer: No, your permit remains in effect until you notify TDA in writing or if TDA cancels your permit.

When do the Quarters end for the Reporting System?  
August 31st
November 31st
February 28th 
May 30th

What happens if I do not submit my quarterly report on time?
Answer: If your report is not received within 30 days of the end of the reporting quarter, you will owe a penalty of  $50 dollars or 10% (whichever is greater) of the amount of seed sold in Texas

Where do I find the law and regulations for the Seed Programs?
Answer: You can find the laws for the Seed Quality Programs in Chapter 9 and Chapter 10 of the Administrative Code, and the regulations in Chapter 61 and Chapter 62 of the Agriculture Code.