Service Technician
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Service Technician
You must be registered with TDA before you can receive payment of any kind for:
    - placing a device into service, 
    - removing an out-of-order tag or 
    - performing inspections of LPG meters or ranch scales.

TDA may issue a registration to each person who submits an application and passes a written examination for each class of license desired.
Registrations are valid for five years.


        Convenience Testing for Service Technicians
        Licensing and Examination Process


Class 1: Scales 0 to 300 pounds capacity

Class 2: Scales 301 to 3000 pounds capacity

Class 3: Scales 3001 to 40,000 pounds capacity

Class 4: Scales more than 40,000 pounds capacity

Class 7: LPG measuring devices

NIST Handbook 44

Download the current version of Handbook 44