Egg Quality Program
The mission of the Egg Quality Program is to ensure that the eggs sold to Texas consumers meet TDA’s quality standards. 

    The Egg Quality Program:
        - Inspects eggs at packing plants, distribution centers, and retail outlets.
        - Licenses people and businesses that participate in the Texas egg industry.

 Apply for an Egg License Instructions

Who needs an Egg License from TDA? more info 

  • Egg Dealer-Wholesaler
    A person engaged in the business of buying eggs from producers or other persons on his own account and selling or transferring eggs to other dealer-wholesalers, processors, retailers or other persons and consumers. A dealer-wholesaler further means a person engaged in producing eggs from his own flock and disposing of any portion of this production on a graded basis.

  • Egg Processor
    A person who operates a plant for the purpose of breaking eggs for freezing, drying or commercial food manufacturing.

  • Egg Broker
    A person who never assumes ownership or possession of eggs, nor changes the grade or pack of eggs, but is engaged in the business of acting as agent, for a fee or commission, in the sale or transfer of eggs between producers, or dealer-wholesalers as sellers and dealer-wholesalers, processors or retailers as buyers.


Who does NOT need an Egg License from TDA? more info 

  • Retailers
    A person or business that sells eggs directly to consumers, unless the eggs are sold for personal benefit.

  • Restaurants

  • Individuals
    Individuals who sell un-graded eggs from a personal flock. If you sell graded eggs from a personal flock, then you DO need an Egg License.