Colonia Funds
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Colonia Funds

These funds are available to eligible county applicants for projects in severely distressed unincorporated areas which meet the definition as a “colonia” under these funds. Scoring of all the selection criteria for Colonia Fund applications is completed by Tx CDBG staff. The term “colonia” means any identifiable unincorporated community that is within 150 miles of the border between the United States and Mexico, except that the term does not include any standard metropolitan statistical area that has a population exceeding 1,000,000; and that is determined to be a colonia on the basis of objective criteria, including lack of potable water supply, lack of adequate sewage systems, and lack of decent, safe, and sanitary housing; and was in existence as a colonia before the date of the enactment of the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act (November 28, 1990). Except for fund categories where additional restrictions apply, a county can only submit applications on behalf of eligible colonia areas located within 150 miles of the Texas-Mexico border region, except that any county that is part of a standard metropolitan statistical area with a population exceeding 1,000,000 is not eligible under this fund.

Colonia Planning and Construction Fund
Grants for eligible counties within 150 miles of the Texas-Mexico border for community development projects.  Includes a construction component and a planning component, which funds an inventory of colonias.

Colonia Economically Distressed Areas Program
Grants to counties for colonias in the Texas Water Development Board’s Economically Distressed Areas Program (TWDB EDAP).

Colonia Self-Help Centers Fund
Grants for counties to assist colonias. Colonia Self-Help Centers are located in counties of Cameron/Willacy, El Paso, Hidalgo, Starr, Webb, Maverick and Val Verde. Administered by the Texas Department of Housing & Community Affairs through an interagency agreement.