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STAR Fund - Helping Texas Farmers and Ranchers Recover from Disaster

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Many of our fellow Texans are in need of a helping hand. Texas Agriculture farmers, rancher, producers and agribusiness owners are rebuilding and working towards picking up the pieces after devastating natural disasters. As these disasters continue to impact Texas farmers and ranchers, the need for donations continues. 

The Fund 
The STAR Fund (State of Texas Agriculture Relief Fund) was created solely with monetary donations from private individuals and entities to fund disaster recovery efforts. STAR Fund money may be used to assist farmers, ranchers and agribusiness owners in rebuilding fences, restoring operations and paying for other agricultural disaster relief. If you’d like to help folks impacted by the wildfire, floods or tornadoes, consider making a donation to the STAR Fund. The Program is designed to provide relief to Texas agricultural entities adversely impacted by natural disasters. Drought is not an eligible natural disaster under the STAR fund. Please refer to your local Farm Service Agency for drought assistance.

We are Texans, and when disaster strikes, we rise up to help our neighbors. The STAR Fund is one way to do that. TDA is offering a cost share (50% of eligible expense) to qualified agricultural producers not to exceed $4,000 per applicant. Example:  A producer would need to submit documentation for $2,000 of eligible expenses to receive $1,000 in reimbursement. STAR Fund money may be used to assist in rebuilding fences, restoring operations and paying for other agricultural disaster relief costs needed to rebuild their agricultural operations. If the applicant's county is included in the Texas Governor’s declaration of disaster, they have 90 days from the date of his proclamation to turn in an application.

 “Every day, we depend on farmers and ranchers to provide our families with the healthy food and warm clothes that sustains our lives, and now is the time for Texas producers to lean on us,” Commissioner Miller said. “This is not a hand out, rather it’s a helping hand. I hope people will take advantage of these funds if you need them.”

Funds are not intended to compensate individuals or businesses for losses incurred, but to assist agriculture producers in cost-sharing some of the unexpected expenses associated with the repair or replacement of items necessary for their agricultural operation. See the application for more information. Verification of the damage caused by the disaster is required prior to TDA disbursing funds. Please include any pictures, certifications or other documentation of the damage.

An eligible entity is an agriculture business/operation/ranch/farm located in a county declared a disaster by the Texas Governor. Applicants should submit documentation for agricultural related expenses not paid for by insurance or other governmental sources for costs directly related to rebuild from the natural disaster. Applicant must demonstrate that expenses incurred were related to agriculture production and directly caused by the disaster. If an entity/business/operation/ranch/farm is owned by more than one person, only one application may be submitted. An entity/business/operation/ranch/farm is eligible for only one single award every 24 months, regardless of the number of owners.

Agriculture business means - a business that is or proposes to be engaged in producing, processing, marketing, or exporting an agricultural product. 
For-Profit/Commercial Production and Non-profit entities are eligible. Backyard gardens and hobby farms are not eligible. 
Agricultural product means - an agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, or vegetable product, bees, honey, fish or other seafood, planting seed, livestock, a livestock product, a forestry product, poultry, or a poultry product. Person means one property/entity/owner.



To make a donation via check please send it to the 
following address: 

Texas Department of Agriculture
1700 North Congress Avenue
Austin, Texas 78701

To Donate by PayPal

Under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code and Texas Agriculture Code, TDA is eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions, gifts, grants and donations

100% of the donations collected will be distributed to those who incurred losses related to natural disasters.

  • Funding Assistance Contact information

Kat Neilson
Grant Specialist
(512) 463-6695

COVID-19 update

The Texas Department of Agriculture understands that businesses, producers, and ranchers are suffering economic hardship due to COVID-19 restrictions.  We are looking into ways the agency can provide meaningful assistance and not duplicate efforts of other state and federal programs.  At this time, the STAR Fund is going to be reserved for providing assistance to those agricultural entities that sustain damages due to natural disasters like a hurricane, wildfire, or tornado.

A list of COVID-19 resources can be found here and will be updated as new information becomes available.

Current Disaster Declarations
Available Assistance

updated: 12/11/2023
  • winter weatherapplication deadline,  June 20, 2023 by 11:59 pm central time. 
  • Severe Weather -  Application Deadline,  September 7, 2023 by 11:59 PM central time. 
  • Severe Weather -  Application Deadline,  September 26, 2023 by 11:59 PM central time.
  • Severe Weather  Application Deadline,  October 16, 2023 by 11:59 PM central time.
  • Tornados/Severe Weather  - Application Deadline,  October 27, 2023 by 11:59 PM central time.
application materials for assistance 
Download application instructions  Step 2 register in TDA-GO online application portal 
 STEP 3 complete application online  STEP 4 submit application online

note: sam/uei/duns number is not required to apply for this grant. see application instruction for guidance.