Texas Beef Checkoff
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   Beef Checkoff Management
The Texas Beef Checkoff program is managed by a council appointed by the Texas Commissioner of Agriculture from producer nominees submitted by the Texas Beef Council. The managing council is the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas.

Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas Board Members
For a list of current board members, click here.

   About the Assessment
Assessment Use
The assessment is used for promotion, marketing, research and educational efforts regarding beef and beef products in Texas, the U.S. and/or internationally. The Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas decides how the funds are expended.

Assessment Exemption
Non-producers are exempt from paying the assessment. A person is a non-producer if: (A) the person’s only share in the proceeds of a sale of cattle or beef is a sales commission, handling fee, or other service fee; or (B) the person: (i) acquired ownership of cattle to facilitate the transfer of ownership of such cattle from the seller to a third party; (ii) resold such cattle no later than ten days from the date on which the person acquired ownership; and (iii) certified, as required by procedures prescribed by the Beef Promotion and Research Council of Texas that the requirements of this provision have been satisfied.

Assessment Commencement
The collection of the assessment began October 1, 2014.
   More Information
For more information about the Texas Beef Checkoff, contact:

Texas Beef Council
8708 N FM 620
Austin, TX 78726

Phone: 1-800-846-4113

Visit the Texas Beef Council website
   Frequently Asked Questions
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*Information provided by the Texas Beef Council. For additional questions, please contact them directly.