SPCS Certified Applicator Licensing
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SPCS Certified Applicator Licensing
Certified Applicators

A certified commercial applicator is defined as the person who is responsible for providing pest control services, including inspection and identification, for a licensed pest control business which provides and solicits pest control services. A certified applicator may provide training and supervision to apprentices and technicians registered with the business. 

A certified noncommercial applicator is defined as the person who as an employee is responsible for providing pest control services to: governmental entity, apartment building, day-care center, hospital, nursing home, hotel, motel, lodge, warehouse, food-processing establishment, school or educational institution. A certified noncommercial applicator does not solicit pest control but works exclusively on the property of their employer. 

A responsible certified applicator is an individual designated and notified by the business license holder to be responsible for training and supervision of all pest control operations of the business. The person may be employed by other business location(s) as a certified commercial applicator, but may only be the designated responsible certified commercial applicator for (1) one business license location.

Licensing Requirements
*Please note: All online and/or paper applications MUST be filled out completely and correctly.  Any missing/incorrect information (e.g. Business TPCL/Account Number) will result in a delay in processing.*

• Have held a technician license for at least six months and been employed with duties including pest control services under the supervision of a licensed certified applicator for at least 12 of the last 24 months;

• Have a degree in a biological science* and furnish an official copy of their college transcript. Associates and Bachelor Degrees Accepted:

  • • Agronomy
  • • Entomology
  • • Animal Science
  • • Landscape Architecture
  • • Forestry
  • • Agricultural Science
  • • Biology
  • • Chemistry
  • • Environmental Science    
  • • Horticulture; or

  • • Have 12 months verifiable technical field experience in the past 24 months from another occupation. 

For Noncommercial Applicators Only:

• Complete a SPCS approved noncommercial applicator training course.

Exam Preparation

Study materials for license exams may be purchased from Texas AgriLife Extension Service.

Extension Agricultural and Environmental Safety Program

P.O. Drawer FS,

College Station, Texas 77841

Phone: (979)845-1099

Fax: (979)845-6251



Certified Applicator Exams:

To take the certified applicator exams you will need to submit the “Application for Certified Applicator Exam and License” form found here or by applying online (here)***Please Note*** No EXAM FEES need to be included with this application; PSI will collect the fees for the examinations.  However, the $125.00 licensing fee will be due, unless paid on a previous application.  Once processed, you will be sent correspondence from TDA either requesting further information or advising you of your eligibility and giving you instructions on scheduling the exams.

As a reminder, all applicants for Certified Applicator are required to take the General Exam (noted as TX General Standards Examination Required on PSI exams website) as well as one category and pass with 70% or more correct to become licensed.


Note: Structural Fumigation Exams - Certified Applicators testing in structural fumigation must submit their 40 hours of training to eligibility@texasagriculture.gov for prequalification. Once training is approved you will be sent an eligibility letter that will allow you to schedule the Structural Fumigation exam with PSI.



Insurance for Noncommercial Entities

Employers of individuals applying for a noncommercial certified applicator license must file with SPCS a policy or certificate of insurance in an amount of not less than $200,000 bodily injury and property damage coverage with a minimum total aggregate of $300,000 for all occurrences, insuring the employer against liability for damage to persons or property under the care, custody and control of the certified noncommercial applicator. Certified noncommercial applicators employed by governmental entities are exempt from this provision.


Criminal Background

SPCS performs a criminal background review.

If TDA identifies criminal activity that affects your fitness to license you'll be asked to provide the following additional information.  The application will not be processed until all the information is provided and reviewed.  All items are mandatory and must be submitted for ALL pending criminal matters, as well as any conviction or deferrals listed in your criminal history record. 


1.            If you served a probation or parole, a copy of the document releasing you from the conditions and terms of your parole or probation, or an official document or statement from your supervising officer showing that you have met and completed the terms of your parole or probation;

2.            A signed statement from your parole office or other law enforcement agency stating you have paid all outstanding court costs, supervision fees, fines, and restitution as may have been ordered or that you have been consistent in meeting the conditions of any payment plan;

3.            At least one letter of recommendation from a law enforcement official familiar with your current conduct, or any other person, other than an employer, who has had recent significant contact with you;

4.  A written, dated statement, signed by you, containing a complete description of


-              the crime(s) for which you were convicted or any pending criminal matter(s);

-              your age at the time the crime(s) was committed;

-              the gender and age of the victim or victims of your crime(s),

-              your relationship to the victim or victims;

-              how the victim or victims of your crime were affected by that crime(s);

-              your conduct and work activities prior to the conviction or deferral;

-              the sentence imposed for the conviction or deferral;

-              the amount of time incarcerated, if any;

-              the year of your release from incarceration, if any;

-              the time period during which you were or will be on parole or probation;

-              if currently on parole or probation, the terms of your parole or probation;


5.            Evidence that the applicant or licensee has maintained a record of steady employment, supported dependents, and record of good conduct since the most recent conviction or deferral.

6.            A letter from your employer indicating that they are aware of all convictions or deferrals listed on your criminal history record.


The license expires annually and expiration coincides with the expiration of the business license under which the applicator license is issued.


Recertification Requirements

  • CEU requirements are for the calendar year (Jan. 1-Dec.31). For example, if you renew at any time in 2010, you must have taken your CEUs during calendar year 2009.
  • Applicators do not have to get CEUs during the first year in which their license is issued. 
  • Applicators must earn two CEUs in general training and one in each category in which the applicator is certified.  Of the two general category units, at least one must be in federal and state laws, pesticide safety, environmental protection or integrated pest management. 
  • No course may be repeated for credit within the same recertification year. 
  • CEUs may be obtained through a self-study or Internet course every other year.


Change of Address

Must be submitted within 10 days of the effective date.  Include company name and license number, Social Security number, and old and new addresses and phone numbers. To get a copy of the license with the new information, submit a written request. 


Changing Employers

Submit a Change of License Form and pay any fees within 10 days of the effective date.