Termite/Fumigation Applications
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Termite/Fumigation Applications
The Structural Pest Control Service licenses and regulates applicators who inspect and control termites and other wood-destroying organisms. 


When an estimate or proposal for termite treatment is submitted to a consumer, the pest control company must provide the following written disclosure information:

  • a detailed diagram showing the areas to be treated, approximate perimeter measurement of the structure, and areas of active or previous termite activity;
  • terms of the warranty or guarantee;
  • chemical label; and
  • the concentration of any liquid termiticide application to be used or the minimum number of baiting systems installed.


Treatment specifications, warranties and guarantees can vary widely. The consumer is advised to review all this information and the pesticide label for explanations of the proposed treatment and compare this with any other proposal or estimate they may receive.


Wood Destroying Inspect Inspection Reports
Consumers should be sure they are getting - and businesses must provide - an inspection report that reports the visible presence or absence of termites and other wood destroying inspections in conjunction with a real estate transaction.  The official report will have form number SPCS/T5.  All inspections reports for real estate transactions must be on this form.


Pest control businesses licensed by SPCS should protect themselves by: 

  1. Asking the purpose of the inspection when contacted to inspect a home.
  2. If the purpose is for a real estate transaction, ask if a WDI Report has previously been prepared.
  3. Advise realtors of the requirement to complete the official WDI Report form for all inspections for real estate transactions.
  4. Never provide a report on the official WDI Report Form (SPCS\T5) or place an inspection sticker if the purpose of the inspection is solely for submission of a termite treatment disclosure or to see if re-treatment is needed under an existing warranty.
  5. Termite treatment disclosures must contain a diagram showing areas of wood destroying insect activity and conducive conditions so a thorough inspection is also needed for this purpose.